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This is what our ballooning passengers write to us

„… thank you very much for the smooth organization We were able to choose the appointment on-site with the organizer It all went perfectly! A special and unique experience! You and your team continued success.“
F. Bornemann

„Everything went well this morning, my husband was very happy, thank you very much for the organization and thank you to the great team on site!“
U. Seifert

we made our balloon ride last week, it was really beautiful and the pilot did that very, very professionally, all respect, I would like to recommend it to others, please send him our best regards. “
G & K Stellmann:

„We really liked it, because of our competence our balloon driver gave us a safe feeling at all times!
We really enjoyed the ride, thank you very much.“
U. Kercher

„Hello! Wanted to thank you again for the great organization!
We will not forget the day so quickly 🙂
Everything was super SUPER!“
CH. Weber

„Hello, on xx.xx.15 we made the booked balloon ride and it was just great, super pilot, who has explained friendly and well, nice atmosphere and unbelievable fun.“ Again, we are also very on the CD

happy with the photos and will make diligent advertising. A great experience with a great crew. Thanks for this nice event. “

M. Erdsack

„… It was very well organized, the balloon driver kept good contact with us, a small date shift did not matter because
we started at Manacor and drove about 90 minutes in up to 500 meters ( due to the Näge the approach path of
Palma) airport. takeoff and landing were quiet and almost „smoothly“. the compulsory baptism was carried out on reaching the maximum height with sparkling wine, a certificate we received along with photos and a small video delivered two days later .
it was a very nice experience and can be recommended – but it lacks at the moment in the hotels and travel companies to the general informationthat there is such a thing in Mallorca there, you can safely start here. “
G. & N. Messerschmidt

„Hello dear balloonists, it was a great experience in the morning in the still cold, hazy air over the fields, the
ballooning of the balloons experience .The tension before the departure until everything is ready
for the start the unforgettable vision and perspective from above.
the highlights of the descent into a small, deep quarry pond. the reflection in the lake by
the cloud game. also surprising but plausible routes by the dependence of the winds.
in the end, landing in an open field with a closing : ooh. The expression big
Regret that it has already ended. It was an unforgettable pleasure that will be remembered for a long time. Thanks a lot for this“
Evi and Matthias

„We have a balloon ride in Mallorca . Made
. Had to get up three times while early before hatt worked, but it was worth it
. Safety was at the forefront, so did not start twice because of too much wind
were carrying and support very good, we also had the luck to drive in a small basket with only 4 people,
we will definitely, again a ferry, when we are in Mallorca. „The customer review has been automatically translated from German.
U. & E. Schwarz

„Thanks again to the whole team, everything went very well – from the booking to the drive.“
M. Fischer

„Hello, the balloon ride with you was a very special experience, the team was very professional and the view was overwhelming“
P. Löffler

„… we were in the balloon with the whole family, an unforgettable experience, our little one is still talking about it.“
A. Schiefelbein

„I had purchased a voucher from you, the recipient was very happy and enjoyed the balloon ride very much.“

„Happy again!“
R. Giessler

„… that was just great, especially seeing the sunrise over the sea.“
l. Fassbier

„… My parents were skeptical about this gift, but after the trip they were thrilled.“
M. Wiesemann

„Many thanks to the whole team, everyone was very friendly and we felt safe and secure, it was a great experience.“
S. Molz

“ We had started this journey at the turn of the year. It was a wonderful way to float into the new year and get new perspectives. “
M. Grimmel

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